No Country for Old Men

by Hla Soewai - Jan 30 2020

In a desperate move to ward off the humiliating defeat, USDP finally decided to put former president U Thein Sein into the limelight.


According to USDP spoke person U Nandar Hla Myint, U Thein Sein will campaign for the 2020 election.


When in power, he served as a neutered president surrounded by self-serving advisors.


This decision followed a recent statement in which USDP chairman U Than Htay told the party henchmen to work hard ‌ahead of the election or risk no comeback for life.


Instead to focus on formulating of a coherent policy to improve what they frequently claimed, the deteriorating situation, U Thein Sein's first salvo came in at the annual event paying homage to him in Naypyidaw. He urged the supporters to choose someone who can protect the race and religion and look out for the military.


Unsurprisingly, they are still using the traditional tools for attacking NLD as religion, race, misguided patriotism with undiluted support for the military. Furthermore, the naivety of this approach became apparent when they solicited a widely revered monk to go with them  - you help me, I help you - to bring them back into life.


But they blatantly ignore the public desire to revise the constitution. Instead, they aim to ensure that the real power continued to remain in the hands of the military. Their legislators in cohort with the army representatives had taken this approach to an even greater extreme, introducing their revision bill, whereby union minister with foreign siblings cannot be appointed. It purportedly aims to the removal of the State Councilor.


Everybody knows that their electoral success would be very slim. But one should not forget that the Nazis did not attract their supporters through persuasive political argument, nor by appealing to their ideals and aspirations, but by merely promising to provide their immediate and fundamental needs - work and bread.


USDP  has no plan to lift the living conditions, but they do to proceed with the present 'deep state' to "predatory state" in which everybody is licking their lips.


But as long as the public aspirations to bring peace, prosperity, and decent government to the country are growing stronger, their place in society is slipping further out of control.


Meanwhile, they would keep feeding the public with a diet of unintelligent and ludicrous talks. Yet people are not inclined to take things at face value.